Monday, August 23, 2010

Mixes From The Heartland Veggie Snack Dip

Okay, so I was super excited to try the Veggie Snack Dip from Mixes From the Heartland. A gluten free veggie dip? Who can resist?

I chose the method of using 1 cup of sour cream and 1 cup (or a whole box) of cream cheese. I tried every vegetable I could get access too - the homegrown organic cucumbers and store bought tomatoes (the homegrown tomatoes and bell peppers weren't ready). However, when I tried it on these, I felt tempted to put my homemade vinaigrette on top of that. It tasted a lot like I remember French onion dip tasting. You know the kind that comes in the can or the jar?

Then I got an idea. If it tastes like a chip dip, why not try it with chips? Well, it did taste better when I did that, but alas, the poor chips, they broke because it was so thick and creamy!

This product gets one thumb up for a taste to be acquired and two thumbs up for being gluten free.