Saturday, June 1, 2013

Perdue Simply Smart vs. Tyson

Side by side:
Perdue is the flatter, skinnier, lighter color strip and Tyson is the fatter, thicker, darker strip.

Tyson also now has gluten free nuggets which I look forward to trying. 

I can find Perdue at most local stores. I found the Tyson with coupon attached to the bag at a Target in my area, but they are still not everywhere. 

Personally, I prefer the Perdue because they are more moist, easier to handle, and less spicy than the Tyson. The Tyson has a kick and I needed to use some kind of sauce to add more moisture. 

But both are a great option and much cheaper than previous alternatives. 

Perdue has more strips than Tyson, so Perdue seems more economical. 

I look forward to trying the Tyson nuggets though which I will probably like simply because they are more economical than the alternatives. 

Trying New Things

I saw this in an area Target and had not seen it before I love garden lites so far, so I gave this a try.
I am not a huge fan of cornbread and this was a little spicy, but it was much better than I anticipated!

I also thought I would try this one:

But it was not my favorite one.

Then there was also the carrot raisin and I like the carrot raisin salad at Chick-fil-A, so I figured why not try this?

It was the best one!

I'm still waiting for their new muffins to hit local stores now.

Another good find? Daiya gluten free dairy free pizza. It's well worth the cost and I plan to buy two the next time I find them. Pizza is a frequent hit in my household. I tried the cheese one the night my group had pizza and it gave me a chance to feel and to be more "normal."

Other new favorites:

Van's has new crackers. The Say Cheese! reminds of those other cheese crackers.

And their cereals ? I love both the cinnamon and honey and I like mixing them together for a more varied taste with my almond mill!