Monday, August 30, 2010

Mixes From the Heartland Lime Pound Cake

As I was making the Lime Pound Cake from Mixes from the Heartland this past Saturday, I was extremely overwhelmed with the lime smell. I realized quickly, and not for the first time, how hard gluten free mixes are to stir into batter. This thing did freak me out a little because it somehow reminded me a little of ogre snot in terms of the color. But I made it to take to church with me Sunday evening.

It was very easy to bake. I also tried to make a glaze using Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting and the microwave. Of course, little did I know that over night that glaze would frost.

The cool thing is that at least half of it was eaten before the night was over and no one seemed the wiser that it was even gluten free! My experience is that most people get nervous if they know that what they are eating is gluten free, but perhaps not knowing or not suspecting may have worked out. But our group does not seem to really big on desserts.