Monday, April 11, 2011

PopChips May Not Be As Gluten Free As They Claim

PopChips states on their bag that they contain no gluten ingredients. The bitter irony is that they also have a statement underneath the ingredients that repeats that they contain no gluten ingredients underneath a statement that says that they are manufactured on equipment shared with wheat.

I made this discovery myself after having purchased a bag of them from a local store that carries a lot of gluten free products. Needless to say, I'm a bit irritated by this.

As someone who went gluten free because of severe wheat allergies, this kind of misleading information drives me up the wall.

Misleading how? Because at the top of the bag in large, bold print it says no gluten ingredients. But at the bottom underneath the ingredients the statement comes in about the shared equipment. Wheat is a gluten ingredient and if a product is manufactured on equipment that also processes wheat, it is unethical and misleading and false advertising for them to claim that they have no gluten ingredients.

Good luck getting the FDA to actually do their job and get this kind of misleading labeling eradicated.

By the way, I am forwarding this review to the company and will post their reply if and when I get one.