Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gluten Free and Prepackaged Meals

Very rarely does a person get to enjoy prepackaged prepared meals if they are on a gluten free diet. It is not so much that prepackaged prepared meals do not exist for gluten free diets, it is just that there are not very many out there.

But, of all the ones that I have tried that are not from the mainstream lines, two gluten free meals that I have tried come from Organic Bistro and Glutino.

Organic Bistro has a Chicken Citron meal which consists of lemon chicken served over spinach with herbed quinoa and sundried tomato edamame. It is unusual because quinoa cooks a little dry especially when heated in a microwave, but it is a delicious break from having to make everything from scratch.

Glutino has a Chicken Penne Alfredo made with chicken breast strips with brown rice penne pasta covered in creamy Alfredo sauce made with parmesan cheese. Again, traditional microwave heating does the meal no justice, but when you really want a quick fix or a break from making everything from scratch, it is a great alternative.

Both meals are great choices for the gluten free person on the go. And they are reasonably priced for prepackaged gluten free food.