Monday, August 23, 2010

Mixes From The Heartland Southwest Chicken Stew

The Southwest chicken stew from Mixes From the Heartland was not a big hit in my household. Some people like spicy foods and others don't and this stew proved to be spicier than anyone in my family really cared for. It had a rice base and dehydrated vegetables and spices. In my house, we used chicken and some vegetable broth to make it which made it very tasty, except that it did create some fire as we had to follow pretty quickly with antacids. After rinsing our batch, it was a lot calmer, but we froze about half of it as is for a family in my church who has a member that LOVES spicy food! I took it to church that following Sunday night to give it to whoever wanted it. When asked what it was, I explained and described it as being spicy, and immediately he perked up, so I gave that batch to him to take home and enjoy. I will admit though that my excitement came from the fact that it is a gluten free rice-based meal!