Saturday, June 1, 2013

Perdue Simply Smart vs. Tyson

Side by side:
Perdue is the flatter, skinnier, lighter color strip and Tyson is the fatter, thicker, darker strip.

Tyson also now has gluten free nuggets which I look forward to trying. 

I can find Perdue at most local stores. I found the Tyson with coupon attached to the bag at a Target in my area, but they are still not everywhere. 

Personally, I prefer the Perdue because they are more moist, easier to handle, and less spicy than the Tyson. The Tyson has a kick and I needed to use some kind of sauce to add more moisture. 

But both are a great option and much cheaper than previous alternatives. 

Perdue has more strips than Tyson, so Perdue seems more economical. 

I look forward to trying the Tyson nuggets though which I will probably like simply because they are more economical than the alternatives.